Recent Three-Dimensional Numerical Modelling Projects

We have conducted many studies in full three dimensions over the past 20 years. These include major metal and coal mining and civil engineering assignments.

We use a range of programs including our own in-house developed three-dimensional numerical modelling packages. We have access to many (50+) programs that we consider to be the most capable.

A couple of specific investigations include a study for WMC’s Olympic Dam Operations. The three-dimensional models studied the influence of various tunnel profiles and intersections geometries, different stress fields (magnitudes and orientation) and rock properties. We have also studied various optimum profiles for other structures at the mine such as orepasses.

A coal project example involves an investigation we carried out of different curved tunnel profiles in very weak laminated rock. Again, we used a three-dimesional program to include the effect of sequential tunnel mining. The models also include various geological structures such as joints and faults and yielding ground.

We have worked for every major mining company in Australia. Our software, either developed by us or for which we are agents, is used by every major mining and civil engineering company (stress analysis, road and airport pavement design and foundation design).

As mentioned above, we have worked on most of the major underground mining projects in Australia including full three-dimensional numerical models for:

  • Big Bell (Normandy)
  • Telfer (Newcrest)
  • Mt Charlotte (KCGM)
  • Perseverance (WMC)
  • Olympic Dam (WMC)
  • North Parkes (Norths)
  • Mt Isa Enterprise Mine (MIM)
  • McArthur River (MIM)
  • Scuddles (Normandy)
  • Cadjebut (BHP & Western Metals)
  • Kanowna Belle (Norths)
  • Paddington (Pancon)
  • Lancefield (Metex)
  • Longshaft (WMC)
  • Junction (WMC)
  • Rocky’s Reward (WMC)
  • Kundana (Pancon)
  • Victory (WMC)
  • Bounty